Student Services

The mission of Enterprise State Community College’s Student Services staff is to provide a learning environment which complements the curricular mission of the College by offering services and programs that maximize holistic student success.

The goals of Student Services are:

  • To provide admission, registration, counseling services, and other support services to meet students’ needs for access to the institution,
  • To assist in creating an environment which is conducive to student development,
  • To provide services which will facilitate the successful movement of the student through the educational process to completion of his/her identified goals,
  • To provide a system of accurately recording and retrieving student records,
  • To provide orientation, advising, career planning, and involvement opportunities for student growth and development,
  • To provide academic support services for students to facilitate academic achievement,
  • To develop and maintain facilities and grounds that are clean, architecturally safe, and comfortable in order to edify the learning experience,
  • To participate in the governing system of the College in the areas of long-range planning, fiscal management, policy regulation, curriculum development, due process in student discipline, and student life, and
  • To assist in satisfying community needs for information, for facilities and programs, and for manpower and economic development.