Message from the President

Enterprise State Community College, Your Investment in Excellence.

Welcome to Enterprise State Community College! Our College’s mission is to ensure that you gain the ultimate educational experience while conveniently studying close to where you live and work. Our faculty and staff take pride in our personal approach to serving the “whole student.” We strive to meet the needs for the intellectual, social, ethical, professional, cultural and creative facets of students’ lives.

At ESCC and our Alabama Aviation College campuses, you have many options that allow you to personalize your learning experience. Whether you are here for an associate degree, to transfer that degree to a four- year institution, or to obtain training for preparation for tomorrow’s marketplace, we are dedicated to helping you reach success. You can take one class or a full load. You can learn in our classrooms and laboratories, or you can take courses online.

I am pleased that you have decided to become a part of our community of scholars. Students, faculty and staff working together here generate growth and enthusiasm for learning and life. I hope this publication serves you well and that your association with ESCC will be happy and rewarding. Most important, I hope you are able to achieve your educational and professional goals with us.

Danny Long



When the public junior college system of Alabama was established in 1963, Enterprise was selected as the site for one of the original twelve state junior colleges. Area citizens and civic groups raised money for the purchase of a 100-acre campus site, donated library materials, and provided a number of scholarships—thus, beginning a history of college and community cooperation for which Enterprise State Community College is noted.

The Alabama Aviation College at Ozark originated in 1960 as a part of the Ozark City Board of Education’s educational program. In 1962, the institution’s aviation maintenance program was certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, and in 1963, the institution became a state vocational trade school. In February 2003, the Alabama State Board of Education approved the reorganization of Enterprise State Junior College with the Alabama Aviation College at Ozark, and in November 2009, the Alabama State Board of Education approved a name change to Enterprise State Community College with the aviation programs marketed as the Alabama Aviation College, a unit of Enterprise State Community College.

The ESCC Foundation was established in 1982 to enhance the College’s ability to seek private funding. Administered by a Board of Directors composed of business and civic leaders, the Foundation has developed an endowment program that funds student scholarships as well as faculty development, curriculum improvement, and continuing education projects. Throughout its history, Enterprise State Community College has been successful in attracting federal and private funds that have enabled the College to develop innovative programs and services.

The College has received state and national recognition for a variety of student activities, including Phi Theta Kappa, the national honor society of American two-year colleges; the Ambassadors, which leads the orientation programs for new students; and the Entertainers, the College’s show choir. Athletics have been an important part of the ESCC collegiate experience as well. The College currently supports men’s basketball, women’s basketball, men’s baseball, and women’s softball teams.

The College has been led by five dedicated, enthusiastic presidents: Mr. B.A. Forrester (1965-1981), Dr. Joseph D. Talmadge (1981-1994), Dr. Stafford L. Thompson (1996-2008), Dr. Nancy W. Chandler (2009- 2014), and Mr. Matt Rodgers (2017-present). Mr. Rodgers, the faculty, and staff are continuing the College’s legacy of excellence in education at all locations of the College and in the surrounding communities. Dynamic leadership, dedication to the teaching-learning process, and superior support services help the College achieve its mission.